• The Science of Sweat

    …by Sharon Linde, yogini blogger for Bikram Yoga St. Louis

    Those of us who practice Bikram Yoga know the benefits. They differ from person to person, but stand around us long enough and we’ll bore you silly with how awesome the results are, from body to mind to spirit. Yoginis will tell you about the flushing of toxins, deep stretching, increased strength and flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. They’ll brag about their better mental health, increased focus, more peaceful outlook, and sounder sleep. To listen to us, life without Bikram Yoga would be pretty miserable.

    There are some Bikram doubters floating around town, folks who think what we do is a bunch of hooey, my sister among them. She says things like ‘you’ve been drinking the Bikram kool-aid.’, and wants scientific proof it’s worth sweating 90 minutes of her life away. Life would be dull without the doubters.

    Well, cynics, get ready; the folks at Colorado State University recently ‘produced the first scientific evidence’ in a study detailing the benefits of Bikram Yoga, finding (drumroll please…..) the practice ‘has beneficial effects on fitness’.


    Researchers used a practice pool of 19 people between the ages of 18 and 40. All of the 11 women and eight men were seasoned yogis. The study focused solely on physical benefits, specifically calories burned, heart rate and internal core temperature. The participants were placed in a room simulated to Bikram standards, hooked up to a device to measure outcomes, and followed a tape of a certified instructor.

    Bikram Yoga Research Study

    Metabolic rate

    Although it may feel like you’re burning a zillion calories, researchers found the average man burned about 460, and the average woman around 330. To gain perspective, you’d burn the same amount of calories walking briskly about three and a half miles, or 90 minutes.

    Brian Tracy, the lead researcher, says the disconnect between calories thought to be burned and the reality of the number actually burned is due to increased heart rate during practice – your heart is beating more quickly, so you think you’re burning calories. Bur really, elevated heat in the Bikram studio is responsible for higher heart rates, not increased body work. Tracy goes on to say ‘This number of calories burned can still contribute to weight loss with regular participation.’

    Researchers acknowledged that many factors determine calories burned, including age, weight, body mass, and level of participation, so don’t let that number bum you out. A zillion is a really high number.

    Heart rate

    There are times in the studio when it feels like my heart rate may be at a dangerous level. Researchers found the participants showed elevated heart rates averaging about 160 beats per minute, a good target number during exercise. There are some high-tech formulas to figure out your specific target heart rate that I’m not going to pretend to understand. If you’re interested, check one out here.

    A good rule of thumb in the room, where fancy gadgets and counting heartbeats are frowned upon, is to keep your heart rate in check by taking long, deep breaths and even longer exhales.

    Core Temperature

    You’d think that being in a room heated to 105 and blasting humidity would make your temperature increase, but you’d be wrong. The study found core temperatures averaging 100.3 degrees F, well within a safe range. Sweating helps keep those temperatures down, which is why you’re encouraged to just let the sweat roll. Plus, as I’ll report on later this spring, new research confirms sweating helps remove heavy metals and toxins from the body.

    This study wasn’t Tracy’s first focusing on Bikram yoga. In 2008, his lab tested the physiological effects, finding improvement in muscle control, balance and strength. In 2013, Tracy co-authored a study showing improved spine, hamstring and shoulder flexibility.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t need the research to convince me how awesome I feel after yoga, but understand some people do. Even with the facts, though, my sister isn’t willing to give it a go. Sometimes, haters gonna hate.

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      • After just four Bikram classes, my injured wrist's range of motion and grip strength increased by 50%.
        —Mary Beth
      • Bikram Yoga has allowed me to raise my HDL (good cholesterol) from 84 to 110 - (despite my diet of mostly alcohol and chocolate)
      • I realized today that my Bikram experience is so much more than yoga. It really is a community of (hot and sweaty) people that I call my friends.
        —Laurie Bono McGrath
      • After being diagnosed with a torn tendon in my wrist, I committed to Bikram 3 times a week and gained nearly 60 degrees of motion after just 3 months.
      • My job became very stressful in a way I could not control and I truly feel that this yoga is what helped me to keep sane.
        —Mary Dischert
      • After a class, everything in life just kind of slows down to a manageable halt. It reminds of that scene in the Matrix where Neo bends the spoon… It’s an amazing feeling.
      • When I started doing Bikram yoga, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it or how much it could help me... It truly does "make your body sing"
        —Andy Kilhoffer
      • Bikram Yoga has helped me lose 25 lbs without changing my diet (mostly junk food), and has healed ALL of my joint and back injuries.
        —Andy Klearman
      • One way I think this yoga practice is special is how it has altered how I look at myself-for the better.
        —Meredith Kelling
      • The studio has been such a positive, beautiful addition to my life. It has helped me be maintain my balance and health. I love that it’s both a physical and mental challenge. As a type-A personality, I appreciate the space it has provided to slow down and think. Thank you so much for creating such [...]
      • The real core, or spirit, if you will, of this yoga is the way it is taught. And there are no finer, more dedicated, more generous humans than the teachers at Bikram in St. Louis.
        —Howard B. Becker
      • I had chronic issues with asthma and high blood pressure. After 7 months of Bikram, I ran this morning with no asthma medication for the very first time.
        —Margaret Anne
      • The Bikram Yoga studio teachers and students have changed my life. I cannot thank them enough.
      • Bikram yoga is a life changing experience and I can guarantee it will take you (if you let it) to places you never knew you could go.
      • To the Ladies at Pure Hot Bikram Yoga: It has been a little over one year that I started attending Bikram Yoga. IT HAS BEEN A GOD-SEND!!! IT HAS ABSOLUTELY BEEN THE BEST TREATMENT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED FOR MY 20 PLUS YEARS OF CHRONIC BACK PAIN. My past history consisted of over 20 years [...]
        —John W. Tabash, D.D.S., M.S.
      • Oh my goodness!!!! I just took the new restore class with Charles. Can I just say my mind is blown. Not only do I feel utterly amazing, but these postures are working so many parts of my body that I struggle to move. They are exactly and precisely what I need. I’m in physical therapy [...]
      • My Bikram Yoga practice has meant so much to me, and the encouragement from the instructors at BYSTL has been overwhelming.
      • I greatly appreciate all the advice each instructor gave me during my classes at BYSTL. Thank you for teaching such wonderful yoga!
        —Emily Rollings
      • I started to notice my reactions to things that would normally irritate me--inside and outside of the hot room--changing.
      • This style of hot yoga is the perfect complement to running. I credit it for keeping me injury free.
        —Jodi Johnson
      • I ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and would not have been able to finish if it wasn't for doing Bikram Yoga the past few months!
      • I’m amazed at the quality of the teachers and students here and I feel grateful to be a part of this studio.
        —Emily Ho
      • The biggest reward I get from Bikram Yoga has to be the sense of calm and balance I walk out of class with… it stays with me for days after.
      • I have lost 12 lbs in the last three weeks and gained enormous confidence. I have a new addiction and I couldn’t be happier about it!
        —Sally Kennerson
      • All the instructors at BYSTL have their own style and wonderful sense of humor, while always delivering the discipline my practice needs to heal my body.
        —Kelly W.
      • What I always tell people when they wonder about Pure Hot Bikram Yoga is: 1) it’s mind over matter – all the way2) hydrate, hydrate, hydrate before class – makes all the difference 3) even if you literally just lay on your back the whole class you’re still getting the benefit. If you don’t feel [...]
        —Beth Prusaczyk
      • I heart Bikram STL. New experiences are good, but you all are truly the best.
        —Kim Hayes
      • The hardest part about writing a testimonial for Bikram yoga practice at Bikram Yoga St. Louis is how to not write a book. The teachers of Bikram Yoga St. Louis are amazing and inspiring, the atmosphere is sacred and safe to me.
      • This yoga makes me feel like my best self every single day, inside and out.
        —Courtney Carlie