• Power Hour, Anyone?

    You may have noticed the addition of a new class to Pure Hot Yoga – the Power Hour. Offered at 11:30 AM Monday through Friday, the class includes all 26 postures with a quicker pace and slight modifications. I’ve been a frequent flier at these classes and am a huge fan. In short, they rock.

    I walked out of my first PH class, taught by Charles, thinking ‘whoa, that was crazy fast’. Did you catch that? Charles and ‘crazy fast’ held the same space in my brain. So how do they smash all 26 poses into 60 minutes? You know those times in the 90 minute class that you have to breathe, reorganize and Zen? In the PH, not so much.

    Pay attention to the word power – we did all 26 postures (more details below) but because there isn’t as much time between poses, and there’s only one set of some, and the focus is more on, as Erin put it, getting our asses into the pose already, it felt more like a cardio/intense muscle workout and less like a meditation. In other words, again Erin’s, it’s an ‘all balls out’ class. I’m not even sure what that means but it’s still making me blush a little.

    That isn’t to say, though, that the PH was only physical. There were definitely parts of the class that challenged my mind, just like the 90 minute class. The main difference was without the pauses I didn’t have time to dwell on anything; my reactions were truncated because the class was moving on, with or without me. Here’s what that looks like:

    The class starts with two sets of Standing Deep Breathing and Half Moon, then one pose of the rest of the standing series with the exception of Triangle; of course there are two of those! Transition to the floor series starts with a brief savasana, one set of Wind Removing, a sit up, and then the four back bending postures, one set each, performed without a break between. After a brief savasana the four back bends repeat, followed by another savasana. Transition sit ups are still used. The remainder of the class does one pose of each posture except for Camel and Rabbit, which do two. Finally, blow and go, twice. Sound a bit dizzying? Like I said earlier, it didn’t seem like there was time to do anything except move along with the instructions; although there’s no rule against it, there wasn’t much standing or sitting out of postures.

    If you’re normally one of those people who takes your time getting into and out of poses (dude, stop pointing at me) you may find the Power Hour a bit of a challenge at first. But that’s a good thing, really. Learning to move your body and stretch your mind in a new way is always a forward motion. That’s the point of yoga anyhow, for me – seeing what comes barging up on me, offering me a chance to grow.

    If you’re worried the 60 minute class will make your next 90 minute seem long, forget about it. Taking the 90 minute class was like spending time with an old, familiar friend. Come to think of it, I may start a fan club for that class too.

    Anyway, that’s how the PH works for me. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about it, no fan club membership required.

2 Comments to "Power Hour, Anyone?"
  1. student February 2, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    After doing a power hour session, I personally believe that if you do the poses correctly, and keep up with the instructor PH is more intense that the original class.

  2. Joe March 14, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    Power Hour “ROCKS”

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